Global Tides is an international, interdisciplinary collaboration that incorporates film, music and dance. This short 7 minute film depicts two opposing life settings and forces.

On the one hand a fast-paced metropolis where an incessant flood of irritations lead to alienation from oneself and to a loss of creative inspiration, and on the other hand a beach by the ocean, where self-awareness, creativity and a sense of well-being thrive within the quiet peace of nature's rhythms.

The film explores the urban struggle to recognize the soft calling of one's inner voice, which can be overpowered by the frantic rush of the city crowds. Our need for isolation within the masses can lead to alienation from our environment and we become unaware of the permanent footprints that we leave upon the earth.

The multicultural creators of Global Tides have come together from the United States, Germany, and Japan. Their different artistic and cultural backgrounds bring varying perspectives to the same subject.

Global Tides will serve as a wake-up call for the audience, inspiring them to newly listen to their intuition, open their eyes to the essentials in life and let their actions speak for a harmonious coexistence between the inner and the outer world.