Levante International Film Festival - 12/04/13
Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema - 12/04/13
East Lansing Film Festival - 11/09/13
Mt. Hood Independent Film Festival 11/09/13
Big Apple Film Festival - 11/08/13
Wild Rose Independent FF 11/08/13
Rumschpringe International Short Film Festival 11/01/13
Phenom Film Fest - 09/20/13
Gwinnett Center International Film Festival - 07/27/13
Da Vinci Film Festival - 7/19-7/21/13
Davis Film Festival - 06/23/13
MashRome Film Fest - 05/13
Speechless Film Festival - 5/4/13
Crossroads Film Festival - 4/13/13
Beloit International Film Festival - 2/14-2/17/13
Jaipur International Film Festival - 2/2/13
NewFilmmakers New York (final version) - 1/7/13
The Loft Film Fest - 11/9/12
Laughlin International Film Festival - 10/12/12


Award for Best Dance Choreography, Distinctive Achievement Editing Short Film and Distinctive Achievement Experimental Film at the Wild Rose Independent Film Festival 2013

"Tides", the promotional introductory version of "Global Tides" just received a "Honorable Mention Experimental Film" Award, presented by The City University of New York and was screened as part of the CUNY Asian American Film Festival 2008.

"Global Tides" was nominated for Best Director at the Colortape International Film Festival in 2013.


The first half of the film was shot in New York City in May 2010. The second half was completed in Orlando/Florida in March 2011. Post-production was completed in September 2012.

Special thanks to:

Christian Wenzel, Brigitte Wenzel, Alice Ryen, Roos Vallentin, Susan Jennings, Kate Gyllenhaal, Svea Schneider, Ariel Agai, Chico Mitsui, Kathy-DESIGN by Kathleen, Ron Bacci, Mallory Butcher, Tracey Katof, Adam Johnson, A.J.Hutson, Nina Jungbeck, Sea Aire Motel Cocoa Beach, HTS Computers, Kristin Hoffmann, Chizuru Tanaka, Nick Gianni, Alessandra Giambelli, Rebecca Silverman, Patricia Weiss