Raised in Oita, Japan, Shoichi Manabe first
studied aesthetics at Kobe University, then
shifted his focus to music, his lifetime enthu-
siasm. He continued his studies in composition
and musicology at Kyoto City University of Arts
where he earned his master degree, and moved
to New York to further his pursuit at New
School University and Mannes College of Music.

Manabe's musical style is influenced by broad
spectrum of musicians such as Cage, Bach, Ellington, Radiohead, Jobim, Kraftwerk. He writes for both acoustic settings as well as purely computer-programmed music.

Since early 90s, Manabe started his career as jazz pianist/ composer/ arranger in Japan. During his years in Japan, he has composed, arranged, and performed for diverse settings from solo, small combo, his own septet, to full-big band. Soon after his arrival at New York, he has provided his compositions for short films, ballets, videos, audiobooks. His works has been performed in Japan, China, and USA.